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IChatdate is the best online chatting platform for making friends and finding your future partner.        Members can easily communicate online with each other and send personal messages privately. The registration process is extremely simple and easy.

Step 1: Register yourself in the online registration form.

Step 2: Click on the confirmation link that will be sent to your new registered email address

Step 3: Set up your profile by editing the personal information and uploading the real image.

IChatDate  User Instructions.


Home page -  This is the main Home page for IChatdate Connections .   On this page you can Read all about us, access the FAQ’s and Why Use Us .    At the bottom of the page you can also access and read our Privacy and other relevant information.   To look at the members and their profiles in detail you must first create an account for yourself.


Create an Account -   Fill out the basic information in the IChatdate Connections box and hit the Join Now button.    This takes you to the correct sign up page  where you must enter your details.   You then click continue and you are in!    Please note that your contact details remain confidential and are NOT displayed on your site.


Log in Account -  Enter your email address and password and hit enter.  You now have access to your members home page.      When you visit the site again just hit the Login which is found at the top right of the page, enter your User Name and Password and hit enter.


Members Profile Home Page -  On this page all members are available to look at.   On the left hand side of the page you will also find links to various areas on your page.     In the members profiles you will see 3 icons. 

1. (X)  This is the delete button.

2. (i) this is the information button.  Click on this to look at an individuals profile information

3. (Green Heart) Click on the green heart to save this contact.  They are moved  into your favorites!  


Match – This page shows your favorites and when your favorite likes you also, either you or your favorite can  purchase a chat link and commence the chat.


Messages – Inbox.   Look in this box to find new messages that have  been sent to you. Click on them and read them!


Favorites –  If you select  the green heart of a members profile, they are recorded as a favorite here on your page .  When they respond and like you also, then you both become a Match and either you or they can purchase  the Chat link and start the  Chat.


Edit My Profile – Here you update all your information.  If you have not already updated your profile information about yourself please do it now.  This includes your hobbies, types of music you like,  favorite foods and what kind of chat partner you are looking for.    It is here you promote yourself to someone who is searching.


Gallery -  This shows all your photos.    You can update your photos here.


Who Likes Me – See who likes you.   A member who has clicked  on your  green heart in  the members directory,  is recorded here.  

You can do 2 things now.  

1. Click on the green heart to like them!

2. Click on the Red heart to delete them!   

If you like them too,  they are recorded  as one of your  favorites! 

The next step is either you or they can then purchase the chat link and you are a match and can start the chat.


Change Password – for security we suggest you update your password regularly.

The process is really easy and here it is in bullet form.


1.  Become a member using the Join Now button on the Home Page

2   When you have paid the Member Fee you can then enter the site and search all the member base.

3.  When you find a member you like , hit the like button and this member will be kept in your Liked Profiles which is on the left hand side of your screen.

4.  If the member you like wants to chat with you, they will like you too.  This member then appears in your Match contact list

5.  Either you or the liked member can then purchase a chat link and you can chat as often as you want for as long as you want.   These chats are not recorded and are not timed by IChatdate

6.  To chat with a different member, all you do is repeat the process of liking each other and purchase a chat link.    

# All Chat Links  remain valid while both members remain financial and/or for a minimum of 3 months.

Free to join for a limited time.  

Membership is FREE and there is no charge to search members however there is a fee to chat wth other members

Each Chat Link costs just  $1.00 and is valid for 1 month.   

Comparison with other chat sites [ Some sites charge  as much as $6.00 per letter or 1 credit ($1.00) per minute to chat]

With us you can chat as much as you want for the fixed fee!

* All pricing is subject to change without notice.


Admin of  IChatdate shall never share any personal information with anyone else. We don't keep any records of any private messages, chat histories, or interaction transcripts in our database and abide by data protection act and privacy laws.

We advise to never share bank details online to Chat partners.  In fact if a Chat member ask for money, please advise Admin immediately as this generally indicates a scammer!

YES.    You can chat with as many people as you want,  as long as you have a chat link with that person.

1 chat link per person!


Yes.    As soon as you join as a member you can scroll through the Members list.    Click on the Information button which is under a members photo and you can look at their details and Bio.

A Chat Link can only be purchased for a  member who is in your Matched Member Contact List.

When both members like each other , it will show up in the Match page.

Either member can then purchase the chat link and commence the chat.


All members have agrred to IChatdate Rules and Policies  and understand that if they have liked and matched with a member, they must respond to the chats initiated by the match.     

If a member refuses to chat then please notify admin@ichatdate.com and the matter will be investigated.

If a valid reason for ignoring the chat is established, the chat credit will be refunded to the innocent party.   A monetary refund is not allowed.   If a member is in breach with site rules and policies then membership can be terminated immediately without refund.

It is an individuals perogertive whom they will chat with.   This is beyond the control of IChatedate admin and no recourse can be taken.

We encourage all members to discuss these matters with their Match before discontinueing any conversation.   This is just manners and being polite.

It can  only be assumed that the Match has made the decision to move on and does not want to chat with you any longer.

If your Match makes you feel threatened, uncomfortable or unsafe during chats then please inform admin@ichatdate immediately.

Tell your Match how you feel and if the conversations persists then block the Match and they will not be able to contact you in chat again.

Please remember that IChatdate does NOT keep a record of individual chats.     

There is a record log kept of when a chat transpires and the date of this chat.   No other data is kept.

As IChatdate continues to grow, we are adding more features.       Video Chat is in development.   We appreciate your patience in this matter.

At the moment we do not offer this service but it is coming soon.   This feature is in development.  

We are also planning to offer suitable  gifts that are suitable for both Men and Women

It is very easy. 

1. When you join ICHATDATE make sure you read the member options on the payment page.

2. Become a financial member of IChatdate

3. Hit the Affiliate Link at the bottom of the Home page.

4.  Fill in your details and hit send.

5. Check your email for your Affiliate email which includes your personalised  link.

Affiliate Marketing is similar to a spotters fee or a commission.

You tell your friends

You send a message to your down line in your own online business

You advertise on Social Media

And in every piece of advertising, chat and media presentation you do, you insert your Affiliate code.

When your contact joins IChatdate using this Affiliate Link, the software attributes this sale to you and you get paid $20.00


When you join as an Affiliate our software generates a coded link which is personalised to your affiliate membership.

When your friend or customer or downline joins IChatdate as a paid member and uses this code then you get paid $20.00

This commission is then paid to you each month by PayPal