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The personal data upload on the site will be preserved in our database. As a member, you agree to go through, review, uphold and maintain term and conditions.

Limitation of Liability

This limitation of liability rights applies in the total and not on a per claim basis, whether any harms are portrayed in tort, carelessness, contract, or other hypotheses of obligation, regardless of whether a party has been instructed with respect to the plausibility of or could have predicted any harms, and regardless of any disappointment of fundamental reason of a limited remedy. Doesn't restrain a gathering's risk for pure carelessness, repayment commitments, and break of secrecy necessities. Deliberate unfortunate behavior, purposeful torts, and intentional infringement of law. Neither one of the parties is at risk to the next or any outsider under this understanding for any backhanded, uncommon, coincidental, reformatory commendable or significant harms emerging out of or coming about because of this understanding.

In no events in the future, we are responsible for any sorts of indirect damages for loss of information, programs. We do not perform background checks or screen the members who are registered.


You have to initially approach our customer service segment to resolve any problems associated with the service by choosing the contact us option in our official website.

All the information mentioned on this website is kept confidential as we strictly abide by the Data Protection Act. If someone has any grievances then, they can send us mail addressing the issue, and we shall take care of the complaints after investigation. Having said this, we also respect privacy concerns and intellectual property rights of others, and any grievances that involve such incidents shall be dealt with the appropriate court of law. As an online dating site, our responsibility is to deliver the best platform for dating services but not resolves issues between the partners. Any problems of misconduct, forceful behavior, or sexual harassment will be dealt as a criminal offense with appropriate jurisdiction.