To provide an online experience second to none!  A boutique chat and dating service , professional in manner yet uncomplicated, fun and easy to use resulting in a rich personal fulfilment at a price everyone can afford!  

For the past 2 years we have conducted extensive research into the online dating industry and have documented the  "good", the "bad" and the "ugly" of online dating sites.

As a result of interviews with men and women who use online dating sites we have found a common thread being that they feel they are being ripped off, having to pay expensive fees while chatting online. 

This is where IChatdate comes to your rescue!  

We have applied the "Good" to enhance your online experience and excluded the "Bad" and the "Ugly" as much as possible.   

So how are we different ?

We do not use credits or virtual coins which must be purchased and then exchanged for the sending of letters, online chat, video or purchase of a members contact details.

We encourage our members to use both Studio and selfies in their profile photos. Photo shopped photos are discouraged as they lie about the true beauty of an individual. We also encourage our members to use current photos and not ones that are several years old!

So what do I do now? Follow these 4 easy steps to enjoy your online experience!

Step 1.     With IChatdate you simply sign up to become a member and pay a small membership fee which gives you a hassle free experience at a competitive rate. 

Step 2.     You then search our membership and like your favorites. When they like you in return you have a Match!     Why have we done it like this? Simply so you do not waste your money on chatting with members with nothing to show for it.

Step 3.     The next step is you buy a Chat Link! This enables you to chat with that member as often as you want. If your Match is offline and you want to write a letter you can write in chat and send it and it will be in their chat box just like a letter waiting for them to read the next time they are online. Doing it like this means scammers will be less likely to join as they need to put money on the line too!

Step 4.     Wow! How easy is that? That's all there is and now you can start to enjoy your online experience with ichatdate!

Yes IChatdate  is the new kid on the block. Our promise to you is that we will be transparent and keep our fees reasonable for your enjoyment!

We are a new start up during the COVID19 Quarantine and as you now understand, we do not operate the same as the majority of online date sites.   

Actually IChatdate is a Boutique Chat site that has the Big Brand online dating service but with a DIY price!      Ichatdate offers a self managed experience, where You the member is in control.   

No need to contact Admin to block a member!  You can do this from your own member dashboard.

No filling out 400 questions just to get inside the site and look at member profiles.

You Choose who You want to chat with!

No PPL  (Pay Per Letter) or PPM  (Pay Per Minute) for chats either.       

IChatdate also does not require you to spend a large amount of money on letters or chats before you are allowed to ask for your Match contact details!   

We  are all adults and leave this to you , our members to make this informed decision regarding sharing of your confidential information.  

IChatdate will never sell or knowingly pass on your confidential information to any party!

Just the one membership fee to join and then the purchase of each personalised chat link! This Chat Link enables you to chat as often as you want, for as long as you want with the member of your choice as long as you remain a financial member of IChatdate.   

We want you to enjoy the online experience of finding the one! This might be a penpal , a travel buddy, or even the one you want to develop a relationship with.

Don't forget to check out our FAQ for any other questions you may have regarding the use of your site!

SIGN UP  as a member NOW and enjoy IChatdate -  Genuine Connections - Genuine Prices!